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Magnetic rubber
Also known as bonded ferrite magnetic rubber , is bonded ferrite magnetic powder, rubber or plastic and other materials after extrusion , calendering or injection molded . High plasticity of the material itself , finished or semi-finished products can be freely knife , perforating, slitting and laminating on other materials , and difficult to demagnetization, has good corrosion resistance , mainly divided into homosexual and heterosexual rubber magnetic rubber magnetic two categories. Isotropic rubber magnet magnetic weak, mainly used in refrigerator magnetic stickers , printing products , and promotional supplies category . And heterosexual magnetic rubber with high magnetic properties , according to customer requirements of various shapes, surfaces can be a variety mounted plastic , PVC, four color printing, double sided tape, foam stickers, brushed silver. According to customer requirements, a variety of specifications die , plastic mold , metal mold. ( Most of the free mold fee ) .

Magnetic rubber magnetic products in the automotive , communications , audio and video , office automation, computer , health care, household appliances, hardware , toys, gifts , stationery , bags, color printing and other fields are widely used . Can be made magnetic , magnetic door seals , motors magnetic stripe, magnetic gifts, magnetic fridge magnet, magnetic toys , magnetic cards, magnetic bookmark , magnetic puzzles, magnetic photo frame , magnetic film , magnetic darts, magnetic dart palladium, magnetic jewelry , and other magnetic products .
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