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Basic concepts: attraction crown Peng, integrity hand!

Core philosophy: Everything depends primarily on the concept of innovation and breakthrough!

Business philosophy: integrity first, quality of life, market guidance to customers as the center!

Service concept: customer satisfaction is our value!

Thank the customer's trust, respect the interests of customers, care needs of customers, understanding customer concerns, to achieve customer satisfaction, and promote customer success! Sincere and friendly, intentions, integrity and caring, understanding, tolerance!

Quality concept: Quality satisfaction in my hands in your heart!

Team concept: Lixing seeking, innovation, service to the community and serve the country!

Vigorous soar like an eagle, like geese, like mutual voyage!

Talent Concept: Do not underestimate yourself, people have endless possibilities!

The importance of knowledge, focus on capacity, attention to spiritual, moral attention!

Guan Peng Spirit: hard work, forge ahead, solidarity, courtesy humility!

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